MuPACS -- a MuPAD mode for emacs

mupacs is an open-source MuPAD mode for the text editor emacs.

MuPACS project page on sourceforge for download, bug reports, CVS access


I (Nicolas M. Thiery) am progressively migrating from MuPAD to Sage, and won't be using MuPACS much more myself. This will make me a very bad maintainer. Anyone interested in taking over the project? Please contact me at
Release of MuPACS 3.2.3 (stable) (see the NEWS file)
Pre-release of MuPACS 3.2.2 (see the NEWS file)
Pre-release of MuPACS 3.2.1 (see the NEWS file)
Pre-release of MuPACS 3.2 (see the NEWS file)
This will be a stable release. It's already pretty stable (up to a few installation issues with some Linux distributions). In any cases, prefer this version to any previous ones.


If you want to do more than computing single statements with MuPAD, e.g. writing whole programs for it, then mupacs may well be for you. It is a plugin for notorious text editor emacs, and makes writing MuPAD programs more comfortable. It provides a major-mode for editing mupad code (mupad-mode), and allows for running mupad in an emacs buffer with full access to the documentation and with debugger interaction. Here is a feature summary:

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